Looming domestic gas shortfall

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Emerging gas producer Cooper Energy (COE) has just presented data on the looming shortage of domestic gas supply that Australia faces, as natural decline in supply from existing production occurs, as well, as the ramp up of Gladstone LNG plants direct supply to the export market. 

COE predicts that by 2025 the shortfall should equal around 50% of Australia's current domestic gas supply, as seen in COE's charts below and in light of these background market conditions COE is seeking to develop its Manta & Sole gas fields in the Otway basin.

Helmsec recently commented on Australia's ramp up of its export LNG market, see our blog of 10 March, with Australia predicted to become the world's largest supplier of LNG in 2018.

Australia's energy regulator AEMO regularly updates its forecasts of Australia's gas availability and the capacity of the distribution infrastructure.  AEMO's 2016 report also foresees a domestic gas shortfall commencing in 2019 unless undeveloped resources, such as COE's Sole project, are developed, as inferred from the orange shading in the following chart.

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